We don’t drink coffee at the LA office anymore

We don’t drink coffee at the LA office anymore, the coffee beans were over a year old and the coffee was undrinkable. The situation was so bad, we brought an espresso machine back from our last trip to Italy and it’s been working over time ever since.

We’ve also staged a number of anti-coffee campaigns throughout the office, whereby all mugs are hidden for one day only before being placed back on desks with such abandon that the smell of Columbian Dark roast brews fills the office between 10am and 4pm.

While everyone denies they’re secretly a Hollywood hipster, all will admit to drinking this brew; some because it’s the latest trend, others due to social pressure and peer-group influence.

This confession becomes particularly more telling when you realize that hipsters have always been a subculture focused on their object of choice; be it records, bikes or even ironic beards. They are also notorious for taking ordinary products and making them something stylish and cool; turning said products into something more sought after than they were before. It’s this obsession with the object of their affection that in turn fuels their passion, a motivation which eventually leads to achievement.

The hipster community is now obsessed with coffee – usually as a statement against big corporations such as Starbucks — but have they sacrificed quality for the sake of their obsession? We believe so.

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