Let’s Make A Haunted House – Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Daniella had been an account executive and marketing manager for years in Los Angeles before moving back to her hometown. She knew how to create excitement for her clients, and now she was going to put that experience into something for herself.

She looked around the room as she started feeling the place out and decided to start from the beginning.

“This place is kind of creepy,” said Mildred, watching Daniella move into the next room where an old grand piano sat gathering dust and cobwebs.

“Yeah, but I’m not sure if it’s a good creepy or a bad creepy.” She laughed. “I think it has potential though, don’t you think?”

Mildred shrugged her shoulders and looked at the piano sitting in front of them that must have been left behind by one of the owners. It was covered with dust and spiders webs but none of that stopped Daniella from running her finger along the dusty key, and then playing a few notes.

“See anything you like?” Mildred asked noticing her friend was entranced with something on the wall taking up space next to the piano. Daniella looked at it closely trying to make out what it was. She couldn’t tell for sure but she thought maybe a picture of a family was hung there.

“There’s something on this wall.” She said moving closer, trying to make out the figures in what she thought might have been a picture of three people standing together.

“What is it?” Mildred asked impatiently as she moved over and stood next to her friend. “I don’t see anything.”

Daniella yelled “BOO!”, and Mildred shrieked.

“OK, this will do just fine.” She smiled, looking back at her friend and laughing.

“I told you this place was haunted!” Mildred said in a harsh whisper as if trying to keep the ghosts entertained. “You’re the one who doesn’t believe me.” She laughed.

She would purchase the home through an LLC and keep it as anonymous as possible, furthering the mystery. She didn’t want the locals to know who had purchased the property. She knew that there would be a lot of curiosity about her, but she kept to herself, and that was all it took for people to move on and stop asking questions. Daniella did not anticipate having any problems with the locals.

After Mildred left, she began to really strategize how she would make this work. She began to explore the house, looking for things she could use. The more she explored, the better she felt about buying this place. It was going to be a great project for her.

She had always wanted to be in real estate and not just because of some childhood dream, but because she saw that there was a lot of appeal in the real estate business. There was always a way to make something work, and she wanted to be a part of that.

Daniella decided her first project would involve what she did best, getting her clients noticed. Now it was her turn to reap the rewards.

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