Death Metal Pool

The pool seemed like a good idea, but in reality it was just a death trap. I mean, c’mon….pool in the middle of a Death Metal show?! It was inevitable that Scooby and our brother Forrest were going to be drawn into the riptide of mayhem headed by the man with no name…Kyle Thomas himself! As is tradition at such events, every fan wants to get in the photo pit and I guess Kyle was one of those people who wanted to get in there and flex his muscles a little bit, but that’s only because he knew it would be okay since he is friends with the band. Well, Forrest got up on stage and started dancing like his usual self, so boom…he gets a bit of a beating…thought if it was from Kyle or one of the other dudes on stage with him….well, who knows? There was a lot going on!

So, now we’ve got a few hundred people in this makeshift pool in the middle of a death metal show, trash cans are being thrown everywhere and everyone’s drenched and crazy. The crowd was so hyped up that they kept bringing Forrest back onstage and he was loving every minute of it!

So, Scooby’s up there going crazy with the crowd, just dancing and having fun like you would at a show. Out of nowhere, I felt someone slam me in the back and take me down. Scooby was no longer up there! The only thing I remember is waking up on the floor with a couple guys trying to get me back in the crowd. At this point, Forrest comes back onstage and everyone is going crazy again for him to jump in the pool.

It was at this moment I woke up and realized that I fell asleep in the bathtub with my headphones on.

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